February 13, 2012

Server Down...

My host server is down right now...I'd like to be working on my new family website, but there are other things that need doing as well, so I suppose it works out OK. I have a free hosting account with 0000free.com ... as free hosting goes, I am very impressed; this actually doesn't happen that often. My Sysop keeps his paid accounts on the "Epic" server as well; I was lucky enough to have signed up early, before the second server went online and the free accounts started going exclusively to that. (apparently it's always having problems)

You can't just "get" free hosting; otherwise, wouldn't everyone? You have to do some research, find a host that looks legit and that will suit your needs, then you have to apply for hosting. I checked out a few places before I settled on 0000free. Like I said, so far, I've been very impressed.

The thing about free hosting though, is that there's really no tech support; other than the forum. CPanel is great though; (make sure your host offers that). But ya, you're basically on your own. You'll learn a lot though; that's why, despite the occasional bit of downtime, I'll stick with my free hosting until it goes off-line...or until I can afford to start paying for it!

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