January 26, 2013


Wednesday, January 23

I've been plugging away at the HTML5 templates as of late...working on marking up some template chassis that I can use to make my templates with quickly. I was doing all my testing on the server and until now that hasn't been a problem, but my one master page is getting pretty big, with lots of 'modules' like photo galleries and videos, and when I'm doing testing I have up to 8 browsers open on my two main machines so I can see it like 90% of people out there are going to see it.

I guess the server didn't like that...I got suspended for the day for high CPU usage...the first time I thought it was all the browsers so the next day I stuck just to Chrome but it happened again...d'oh!

So I pulled the template vault off of the server and now I'll be doing all my back-end development off-line. I'll just upload each template for final testing....they'll be much smaller than the big master files.

Along with the new roll-out will come the next version of C2Kstudios.com...so there's something else to look forward to! I wanted to be done by the end of January, but these days, with the kids, this is just proving to be a horrible time of year. I wish I could take some solace in the knowledge that everything that we'll be exposed to over the next couple of decades will leave us with iron-clad immune systems for our later years...but sadly, I think those days are long gone....

Saturday, January 26

So late Tuesday night a friend of mine asked me a question on FB about his power supply...and the next day, mine started making a very unnerving noise. Right when I stopped writing this post on Wednesday, in fact.  Such is my life. Anyone who's read the Celestine Prophecy will know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I pulled it out, (gave the whole chassis a good cleaning while I was in there of course), and sure enough, the fan was now settling against the base of the shaft...i could hear it moving in there when I'd turn it over...So that night after dinner it was a bus-ride down to good old Canada Computers for a new one...thankfully, it wasn't too cold outside that night. Thursday I spent re-wiring everything; I made a couple of minor improvements to some connections and the position of my subwoofer but otherwise everything is pretty much the back to the way it was. I had thought about putting my second machine up off the floor, but that would mean putting it out of reach. On Friday the Bean had a PD day from school so I took the girls out for breakfast and hot chocolate at the pub where I work weekends. And now, it's on to the templates!

I'm pretty happy now with the "template chassis" I've been working on the last couple of weeks...the ones that were giving me trouble with the server... I've built them like frameworks with modules that I can take and create a template out of pretty quickly. They're colour-coded too, so it's easy to see across all browsers how margins are behaving and things like that. The main one is especially large; these are shots from Chrome at max zoom-out:

The rest are for different formats, menus, borders, things like that. So guess what I'm off to work on right now?

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