September 05, 2013

Summer's over AGAIN...and C2Kstudios is back fresh for Autumn!

It's hard to believe summer is almost over again for another year...and it isn't. It didn't really seem like it at the time but it did go by pretty fast. I'm working a couple of jobs, and taking care of the kids, and trying to have a modest social life...we went camping a few times, which was really nice. It's good for everyone to get back to nature once in a while.

I got some hardware upgraded—a new video card—and, as always happens around here, someone left a completely mint piece of equipment out for now I have another widescreen monitor, too. How apropos was that? You'd be surprised how often that happens around least to me. Just one more thing to love about this neighbourhood!

Oh, and I picked up a discarded computer from another neighbour, fixed 'er up, upgraded my modem and now we've got a nice little home network going! Sweet!

So, now that the oldest is back in school, and work has slowed a bit as the weather has not been so agreeable to patio sitting lately, I've turned my attention to updating the main site. She's still in Version 4; I won't be rolling out a major redux until after the new year, but 4.2 offers some interesting improvements.

First, and most significantly, I've dumped all Google services from the site. The first, being Google Analytics, was an easy sale. It stopped working suddenly on August 1st after a major update and after doing a bit of research I realized two things: a) mine was not the type of site that was going to get a lot of priority in terms of prompt service, and b) people are becoming more aware and concerned about how their online data is being mined and utilized by huge conglomerates like Google. So I went with Holy cr*p it's awesome! Too bad I didn't find it sooner. And for those that are concerned about their privacy, there is also now an opt-out option located at the Infodesk.

I also removed Chrome Frame, created conditional stylesheets for IE 8 and 7, and provided a section on Legacy Support.

I added a Flash photo gallery to the Art Studio in the hopes of perhaps, this winter, having the chance to add to my portfolio. The little one is still a year away from kindergarten and it would be fun on those cold days to do some art together!

So the fall roll-out will happen in the next week or so...I just want to make sure all the graphics are updated across the C2Knetwork and that all the other little adjustments are taken care of. So I go!

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