October 03, 2013

Introducing the Family Cloud Template

The next family site template is online: The Family Cloud Template features an interactive tagcloud window, the Harmony Background Canvas, and photo lightbox. Despite the two very vexing issues with Chrome, I still chose it for the video demo. Chrome on Vista (and I think 7 and 8 too) will not render rounded corners on the canvas element...I spent half an afternoon trying to solve that problem before I realized it was a bug that couldn't be solved (not by me, anyway)...it's also the only browser that I cannot make show the forward/back buttons in the infocloud (popup) windows through the JS string parameters...I'd have to install a bunch of extra code that is a headache I just don't need. Anyway, that's why it's a template, right? Well, here is the video...looks like my attempt to remove Google+ without having to completely delete my channel and start over didn't take... you can also see it here in the Video Studio.


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