March 24, 2012

A New Look and a New Beginning!

Welcome to the spiffy new C2Kstudios Blog! I am right now just a couple of hours off soft-launching the 3rd edition of, followed by a day or two of field testing before the official roll-out, either Monday or Tuesday. I was originally aiming for March 20, the vernal equinox this year; but I hit a couple of snags and so ended up a few days late. Oh well. Not like I'm getting paid for this!

First, my old host, 0000free, called it quits. So that was a couple days worth of frantic re-deployment. It actually went a lot more smoothly than I was expecting, though, so it all worked out OK. And I think I probably could and should have gone with these guys in the first place, but anyway, hats off to my new host,!

Then, circumstances decided to arrange themselves in a way that necessitated my needing to seek some part-time employment; and to start a mad push to try and generate some local business. I produced a brochure that I intend to deliver door to door in the neibourhood, and I'm hoping to get a night gig somewhere soon.

And then, Spring came to Ottawa. I mean, the equinox is one thing; but 23C in March is like a magnet that pulls you away from anything that isn't outside. Especially with the kids; forget it. I though she was going to want to nap out there under a tree.

Well; gotta get back to it...see you in a few hours!

We're all excited about the new!

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