April 26, 2012

Been Busy Busy!

The last month has been ridiculous. What with the way of the world today, things just started costing twice as much, and so I had to go out and find a part-time job...I fell into something pretty sweet too, (which is usually how it works for me - I just seems to find myself in the right place at the right time when it comes to stuff like that), so the pressure is off, there.

Around the same time I got a call from my Uncle Mark. He took over my grandfather's business about a year ago, and now he wants me to help redesign his packaging and promo material for the international market. My first "corporate" design job! Very exciting. He had this idea that he wanted whipped up for a trade show in China next month, but soon came to realize that you can't just bang out an international marketing campaign in a fortnight...especially considering the fact that everything has to be done via email...unless he wants to fly me out to Vancouver for a week or something, which I wouldn't be adverse to at all... ;) ...it's been too long since I've been back 'home'.

Anyway, so the initial concept got shelved for the time being, but not before I was able to collect this:

Which felt so f*ing awesome! So then I went ahead and re-did the poster, without the mascots he wants to have created for his future campaign, and came up with this design for his China conference:

At full size, it's 3'x6', and because it's going to be positioned behind a table, he had me move everything up on the page as high as possible.

What are Colo-Majic flushable liners, you ask? Well, back in the 90's my grandfather had a colostomy, and subsequently invented a disposable liner for the pouch that ostomates have to wear. Now, Papa is in his 80s, and has decided it's time to pass the reigns. I'm sure he still has plenty of input into this new direction my uncle seems to be taking the business in...and probably will for a while yet; knowing that side of the family, he's got another 20 years in him, easy.

Mascots, you say? Well, that's the idea. Now, it's funny, but I can't draw worth a damn. Not without a serious amount of time and effort. So I outsourced the mascot concept. I gave the job to a friend of mine who's an amazing artist, and this is some of what he came up with...

He hand-drew them, then I scanned them and coloured them in. Not bad, eh? Well, they were too good...something simpler is needed, that doesn't take too much away from the look of the actual liner.

As I said, these things take time.

So here I am, on the first day in almost 4 weeks that I don't have to work or feel *obligated* to put time in on anything...my day to decompress before I decide what project I want to jump onto next!

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