November 18, 2013

C2Kstudios 5.0 Online Two Months Early!

I was planning to relaunch the new site in January. I gave myself a month to do the rebuild; it took me about 10 days. I really didn't see any reason to wait, so she's now online. I realized that redoing all the graphics was don't want to change too much and lose your brand familiarity (ha!) but I knew that I wanted to go dark with the new site and I knew that certain elements were being overused. Playing around too much with the structure and interface of the site is not a good idea either; it's better to implement changes like that more slowly.

Yet I feel justified in calling this a major version update. Not only has the styling changed markedly, but the update also included quite the back end rebuild. Every time I come back to a project I have learned more and more, and there was a lot of valid, but redundant or otherwise unnecessary code in the html and the css that was cleaned up considerably. Also, all the social media and merchant graphics were updated, as well.

Next up? I'm not sure yet...but I'll let you know!

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