November 27, 2013

5.1 Online Already and more Mobile Friendly

So let me preface this post by making a confession: I do not have a cell phone. Never really needed one. I've been home with the kids for 7 years, I have other interests (expenses), and, I live in I simply cannot justify the cost.

My wife was issued a cell phone for her job but it was a POS Blackberry and because of security she couldn't really access the internet on it anyway.

So I guess I never really though about it. Well this week she started a new job and got a better phone...and before we see what kind of new rules are going to kick in about using the thing I got on it and had a look at the site...holy crap(!) I should have known about the fixed nav. If I had been more concerned about mobile viewing I suppose I would have. Responsive design just isn't something I've been able to take a hard look at yet, and I thought just offering the scalable viewport would be enough. Oops.

And so now C2Kstudios 5.1 is more mobile friendly. I scraped the fixed nav and added a more complete footer nav. At this point, the idea of making a separate mobile site just seems like overkill. Although at some point, it would be good to learn how to do it.

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