February 04, 2014

New Artworks Coming soon to C2Kstudios!

Happy New Year Everyone! Things have been pretty hectic around here lately...now, I know I'm not the most prolific blogger; but with three jobs, and two kids, I would hope that you could hardly blame me...and you can always be sure that I'll keep you updated on all the BIG events happening here at C2Kstudios!

I also tend to hyper-focus on projects; sometimes certain things just have to sit and wait while other things are getting done...it's the only way I can really accomplish anything...otherwise, I try to do too much at once and have a bunch of projects on the go at the same time and then nothing gets done. That was a big problem for me for a while, until I got to ver.3 of the website and started getting into coding the HTML5 templates...after doing nothing but that for a few months back in the middle of last year, I just ran with it and now I'm at version 5 and soon, I will be going on to mobify the main site and the offer the option for the templates.

But as does often happen, I get distracted or sidetracked or something comes up and then I go on a completely different tangent for a while...that's what's happening now.

Now, I need a creative outlet; doesn't really matter what it is; as long as I'm creating and I enjoy doing it. Well, one of the things I really enjoy doing is cooking; as such I maintain a position as a cook at a pub around the corner from 24 Sussex, where the PM comes to eat sometimes. Anyway, for this past Christmas I got a bunch of new art supplies; so for our Christmas party, I did a piece for one of my colleagues as a secret Santa gift, and that got me the painting bug again.
Play On ©2013

So I built myself a workspace and since then I've gone back and finished a few works that had been sitting around for a while:

Vortex ©2014

Eddy ©2014

Then I went and reduxed a couple pieces that I thought were done, but that really needed something more...

At Right Angles ©2014(final)

Not A Perfect Circle ©2014(final)

...and started experimenting with different techniques:

A Painting of Ice and Fire ©2014

...all this is leading up to a major update coming soon to the Art Studio; I'm also going to scrap the Flash powered artwall in anticipation of the more responsive mobile design...I can't really believe I let myself use Flash in the first place...that was pretty dumb. So ya, once I get a few more pieces under the belt and I go back to updating the site, I'll probably jump back into the coding again. I want to do some more genealogy website templates...they're the ones that are generating the most interest right now.

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