May 21, 2012

Gearing up for Summer!

This past month has been pretty crazy...getting back into working again, finishing up my first major corporate contract, starting on some a couple personal projects, and getting the place ready for summer. The kids have been a handful lately, too...everyone's energy seems to pick up this time of year, but mine not as much as theirs!

I also just dropped my domains...well actually, I have them forwarding now to the subdomains I set up for them from the main site at Apparently my host doesn't like it when you get no hits in a month... the family site hasn't been updated in a while.

So ya, I took a job in the kitchen at the local pub...some nice mindless work that gets me out of the house and around some other adults for a few hours a week...the extra money doesn't hurt, either! Mindless as in auto pilot...being back in the back of the house is like slipping on an old pair of really comfortable shoes. 0 learning curve is what I'm all about right I can save my brain power for getting back into coding again once I get these other projects out of thew way...they're secret (gifts) so I can't say too much about them before they're done but I'm going to try and stick with the whole "one-thing-at-a-time" idea that is the reason I've come as far as I have with things so far this year...not bogging myself down with too many projects at once is a very good thing. Although in the summer...who wants to be inside all the time? So there's that. Time will be at a premium, at least for the next little while. But as soon as I find the right groove, it'll be all good.