April 15, 2014

Moving Forward!

So I have half of the new template videos done now...sometimes life cooperates, and sometimes not...but I decided to do all the videos at once and then post them all together, instead of one at a time. It will help me to maintain focus and stay in the zone, and get them all out faster in the end anyway, I'm sure. But don't ask...no more peaking until then!

I have to add some new links to the Infodesk too...give some love to Paul Irish and Jason Shaw...but it's too late and I'm too tired to do it properly now. I hope they don't mind waiting a few days.

After that, I hope to be able to slow down the frantic pace...once all the updating is done I can relax a bit and spread things out a little more...there's always something for me to finish....at least I have a nice new workroom now! Pics will come of the new setup once I clean up a bit in here...I get complacent in the winter—hibernation mode.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated topic...I'm on this job; client wants a logo done. OK, no problem. My go-to sketch artist is awesome. Trying to get together with him for the first two weeks was a nightmare...both of us have two kids and other jobs...and neither of us drive. I wanted to give him an extra scanner I had so we wouldn't run into this problem anymore. FINALLY we get together and the scanner is good to go...I get my first rough sketch....them boom, nothing for a week. I'm not too worried, but... Turns out he and his family were brutally ill. Sh*t happens. Anyway, client has kids, he knows; besides, he seems in no big hurry—he has some licencing research to do, I think...:) Hopefully I'll get something to work on soon!

This has been a small update. I am going to bed now.

April 04, 2014

Version 5.4 Coming Soon!

After the last big update to the Art Studio, the obvious choice was to turn my attention back to the Web Studio for a while. So I updated all the templates, created a new page on the blog to provide more information, and am dropping the purchase option and going strictly to licencing. Now I just have to revamp the text, do new videos, and I should be good to go.

I also whipped up another new offering in the genealogy series. Here's a preview for you.


It's a mash-up of the Family Tree (obviously) and a version of ASAW that I did years ago. Like version 3 of the Family Tree template, the grab-and-drag window is compatible with touch screen devices.

Current upgrades still include Legacy IE support for XP users, and Username/Password Protection for creating private sites. The next planned upgrade is full compatibility for mobile devices through responsive design via conditional stylesheets.

I started the mobile platform for the main site late last year before doing that Secret Santa piece for the pub xmas party that got me spending the next two months painting and redoing the Art Studio. It was kind of slow going...then I did the update for my Curriculum Vitae template and since it seemed like an obvious necessity, I designed it that way and everything just clicked for me...so I'll be using the same approach when I do the main site, and then the upgrade for the templates.

Well, on to the update!