August 29, 2012

Summer's Over?? WTF!?!...

Where has the time gone? Summer's done and the oldest is back to school...well technically summer has three weeks left to go but the time has come for me to start getting serious about designing again. Having spent the last few months working in a pub kitchen has taught me that I don't want to be there next summer....not unless I can get daytime hours! When that patio is's like being at the gym for 6 hours. But I work hard and I get along with everyone, so the odds are in my favour.

I've had a couple of major art projects on the go the last few months for family. Now that they're done I've moved on to designing my family history will be secured just like my other family site but eventually I will also make that template available on

I've also been seeing more and more discount and crowdsourcing options, sites like Fiverr and Odesk...and it's starting to make me rethink my business model. I just now drastically slashed the pricing on, and I've got to start busting out some simple HTML5 templates to sell for $5 a pop...also little logos to go along with them too, maybe. I'll let the idea percolate in my head while I get my new subdomain ready to launch.

And I suppose I should try and update this blog more often too...although to be honest I'm not much of a blogger...but of course I need to be able to say that I know what I'm doing, right? That's why I opted for teaching myself how to write HTML5 and CSS3 and how to manipulate Java and PSP scripts (perhaps one day I'll learn to code those from scratch too), instead of going the WordPress route. Again, eventually, I'll want to check it out just to be able to say that I know how to do it, enough people use it or at least know what it is that I can't really avoid it Facebook. And knowing all that stuff will just make WP that much simpler to master. Besides; I like designing my own sites. I know that I'll never be a coding guru but as I get more comfortable with it, the designs will begin to flourish.